Our Commitment

New Mexico Copper Values

People | Safety | Sustainability | Community and Economic Benefit

People:New Mexico Copper Corporation is committed to providing job opportunities for the local community and providing its employees with a safe, respectful, and well-paid work environment with training and opportunities for advancement.

Safety: New Mexico Copper Flat Corporation is committed to the highest health and safety standards. These standards help us keep our employees safe and ensure the safety of the communities in which we work.

Sustainability: New Mexico Copper Flat Corporation is committed to fulfilling the project without compromising resources and needs of future generations. We are dedicated to mitigating our ecological impact from start to finish, and we employ best management practices (BMPs) to conserve vital environmental resources, including monitoring water use, conservation, and recycling.

Community and Economic Benefit: New Mexico Copper Flat Corporation is committed to supporting the growth of the communities in which we work, investing in the local economy, and being a good neighbor to surrounding communities.

Environmental monitoring includes:

  • Sampling and analysis of surface water on-site when present.
  • Collection of meteorological data and particulate dust information.
  • Spill and leak detection systems on facilities and equipment.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Project Reclamation

Environmental stewardship is a core value to New Mexico Copper. Employees are at the center of our communities, underscoring our commitment to being good neighbors and community partners.

A strict reclamation and closure plan is under State and Federal review. It meets performance standards and strict requirements of State and Federal environmental and reclamation regulations.

In addition, the plan will stabilize the site against erosion; return it to the current land uses of  wildlife habitat, livestock grazing, and recreation; and develop a self-sustaining ecosystem. Before project construction begins, the Company will post a reclamation bond to ensure sufficient funds are available to reclaim the site when the operation is finished.

Environmental, Social and Governance Policy Statement

New Mexico Copper is 100% committed to promoting environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and effective corporate governance. This environmental, social and governance policy reflects our mission to identify and pursue business decisions and policies toward long-term sustainability through ethical and innovative environmental stewardship.

This policy statement is to be championed throughout the New Mexico Copper organization, including executives, officers, directors, and technicians.  Moving forward, we will continue to be transparent and remain focused on expanding our sustainability efforts.

NM Copper ESG graphic

Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability means meeting society’s needs today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Our commitment is to maintain environmentally responsible operations, minimize environmental and climate change impacts, conserve and protect natural resources, and comply fully with local, state, and federal environmental regulations.

Social Responsibility

Our commitment is to be a socially responsible employer by cultivating an ethical workplace of diversity and inclusion across our business, while thoughtfully supporting our employees and local communities.

Corporate Governance

Our commitment is to build a workplace and business culture according to ethical behavior and responsible corporate activity.

New Mexico Copper's business strategy reinforces our purpose:

  • Create a thriving and sustainable business built on the foundation of innovation and safety, while minimizing our impact and operating with consistent, stable, and reputable performance. Continually strive to improve our competitiveness.
  • Realize the total value of our business through our people, innovation, and technology.
  • Identify and pursue opportunities to sustainably build our business for the future and create enduring environmental and economic value for our employees and New Mexico communities.

Commited to Our Community

In many ways, minerals and New Mexico are synonymous. It is especially true in Sierra County, where a rich history of mineral production has played a predominant role economically and culturally for generations.

Today, New Mexico Copper embraces the best of the past with an eye on a sustainable, yet vibrant, future with a commitment to our employees and local communities. New Mexico Copper intends to provide local jobs and supplier opportunities for area businesses. Our goal is to help build a thriving, sustainable local economy that produces far-reaching benefits.

Our Community Values Statement:

  • We support and care about our southern New Mexico communities and the ecological resources entrusted upon us to develop, maintain and protect.
  • We fulfill our commitments and rely on each other to do the right thing through trust. Our mission is based on well-established community principles and ethical business standards.
  • We value difference and openly listen and share, knowing that we are better and stronger together.
  • We aim for success by challenging ourselves and our communities to strive for excellence.

New Mexico Copper Corporation is a Community Partner:


The Copper Flat Project is a significant contributor to Sierra County and the State of New Mexico.