About Copper

Copper: the 21st Century Solution

Copper's role in civilization is evident; historically it is one of the earliest metals used to advance civilization. Copper’s value and uses continue to grow and play an indispensable role in shaping modern life. Whether for electrical and thermal conductivity, healthcare, communications, transportation, construction, infrastructure, or equipment, copper is one of the most diverse and vital metals on the planet due to its efficient physical properties.


Copper for Good Health

In hospitals, copper inhibits the buildup and growth of bacteria on commonly touched surfaces, reducing disease transmission. Copper is also used in HVAC systems and positively impacts air quality by inhibiting mold growth.

Copper for Clean and Affordable Energy

As the demand for renewable energy grows, the role of copper becomes paramount in the effort to curb climate change. With an increased need to reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, lower energy costs and bring power to millions of people, copper is the 21st-century solution. Copper provides innovative, cost-effective and efficient conductivity in renewable energy systems generating power from wind, hydro, solar and thermal sources.

Copper for Smart Cities and Communities

Copper is a crucial material for green infrastructure and the economy. Over 125 uses for copper exist in commercial building construction, leading to water efficiency, better air quality, and reductions in emissions. In short, copper is necessary to building eco-friendly, healthy, safe, livable communities across the globe.

Copper for Sustainable Living

With state-of-the-art product and infrastructure design, recycled copper reintroduced to the market efficiently advances technological innovations in modern life and is vital in the global effort to significantly reduce emissions to sustain and protect human life.

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