The 21st Century Solution

New Mexico Copper is a wholly-owned subsidiary of THEMAC Resources Group Ltd., a Canada-based resource company focused on acquiring, exploring, and developing natural resource properties. Their goal is to bring innovation and sustainable approaches to the development of the Copper Flat Project.

Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Strategy is to ensure a safe and sustainable future of environmentally responsible operations, minimize climate change on the earth and preserve our planet for our children and future generations.

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Why New Mexico Copper

  • Copper keeps the lights on and machines working.
  • Copper creates jobs.
  • Copper supports climate resilience.
  • Copper is recyclable and reusable.


The Copper Flat Project

Since the 1870s, known for its rich deposits of gold, silver, and copper, the area surrounding Hillsboro, NM has played a vital role in New Mexico's economic development. The Copper Flat Project will continue this history of economic contribution to the area and the State of New Mexico.

Located in Sierra County, New Mexico, USA, the Copper Flat Project is part of a large band of porphyry copper that passes through New Mexico and Arizona.  This trend in the southwestern United States is presently a major supply of copper and other metals needed to meet the needs of society today.

Copper Flat will produce high-quality copper concentrates that also contain significant quantities of molybdenum, gold, and silver. Copper is needed for the transition to clean energy and new technologies and is projected to be in short supply in coming years, making copper supply more important than ever.